The Case for Detoxification

Mary is exactly what I needed! After a year of struggling with my health and weight after a gallbladder removal, Mary has been able to get my health back on the right track while making it easy and fun. Honestly, I feel more like I am working on my health with a friend than a coach. I feel healthier and happier than I have in a long time and I can’t thank Mary enough for being the exact support system I need. Looking forward to continuing to work with her.
— Ellen, Washington, D.C.

Mary has always been a great source for nutrition info, especially during my recent pregnancy. Throughout the past nine months she gave great advice on things to avoid and what foods to eat. When I was told my iron was low, she helped me figure out what foods made sense for me to increase to bring the level back up. It’s very important to me that I eat healthily for myself and the baby, and she’s been very helpful in keeping me on the right track.
— Nora, New York

I worked with Mary during a period of time when I wasn’t able to digest foods properly. Mary provided solutions that helped achieve my goals while staying within the restrictions particular to my condition. In the end, the products and guidance provided by Mary enabled me to reach my goal weight and health goals. Even after reaching my goals (and can eat normally again), I still follow the recommendations that Mary provided for healthy diet. Thanks Mary!
— Bill, Washington D.C.

After having my third child I knew both my physical and mental state were not where the should be, but I didn’t know where to start. Despite my crazy schedule, Mary helped me conquer my goals both physically and mentally with a realistic diet plan. There is so much information out there and I felt overwhelmed trying to digest it all myself. With Mary’s assistance I was able to learn which foods would fuel my body with the optimal nutrients to be at my healthiest while nursing my youngest. I am so thankful for her constant support!
— Carey, Virginia

Mary was such a pleasure to work with. We rotated weeks, but there was a seamless transition each week due to her communication and organizational skills. Mary was always willing to step in when necessary and I knew I could count on her to do anything she said she would. Everyone at the office loved Mary, patients and colleagues, and it has a lot to do with her easy going, uplifting personality. Mary is someone I will always rely on in the field, as I know I can trust her nutrition, lifestyle, and professional recommendations.
— Anndrea, New Jersey

Mary was so integral in helping me figure out a practical and easy day to day meal plan. She gave me easy to manage changes that ended up making a big impact on my health, mood and energy levels. I can’t thank her enough!
— Rosanne, Washington DC