What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic Nutrition is an approach to Nutrition counseling that takes a deeper look into the root cause of a physiological issue someone is experiencing. Instead of simply treating the symptoms that are being experienced we look to reestablish balance at the root of where it has been lost in the body. Holistic nutrition looks closely at food intake but that is not where it ends. We also look at movement, digestion, hydration, social connections, stress levels and sleep. It focuses on the interconnected physiological, cultural, and mental roles of food in our lives.  All recommendations are backed by evidenced based science and will be made based on an in-depth analysis of the health history, thorough biochemical assessment and medical science.  

An important aspect of Holistic Nutrition is bio-individuality. I believe that your food and lifestyle needs are not the same as your neighbor. What may promote optimal health for one person may leave another person feeling unsatisfied. I support my client’s individual food needs and don’t impose a one-size fits all approach.


Healthy Lifestyle and Eating

There is so much information in the media today regarding what is healthy to eat and what is not. Not only is most of this information conflicting, but often it can be misleading. Let's work together to figure out the food and lifestyle plan that will work best for you. My goal is to have you feeling full of energy and vitality by the time we are done!


Hormone Balancing

The state of our society and current lifestyles have made hormone imbalance an epidemic for both women and men today. Stress, environmental toxins and standard diets have made it very hard for people to keep their bodies and hormones in harmony. However, there are many time tested and proven ways to help bring your body back into balance through simple diet and lifestyle changes. 


Sports Nutrition

The impact that food has on physical and athletic performance is much more complex than simply making sure you have a pre-workout snack. Let's work together to figure out the best ways to fuel your body while building up your vitamin and mineral internal storage so that you are able to perform at the highest level possible. This will help you avoid injury and set you up for a lifetime of healthy exercise and optimal results. 

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Increasing Fertility and Navigating a Healthy Pregnancy  

The journey to a healthy pregnancy begins long before the line lights up on the pregnancy test. There are a lot of easy and effective ways to increase fertility and prepare yourself for a healthy and smooth pregnancy starting now. The journey to motherhood is a beautiful ride. Let's make it even more fun by creating optimal health to benefit both you and baby. 


Optimizing Postpartum Healing

While a beautiful and life changing event, the journey into motherhood definitely comes with its challenges. Let's work together on bringing you back into balance so that you are able to thrive and enjoy this new phase of your life.